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ITALIAN SPIDERMAN – Alrugo entertainment

 Italian Spiderman is a film parody of Italian action–adventure films of the 60s and 70s, first released on YouTube in 2007. The parody purports to be a “lost Italian film” by Alrugo Entertainment, an Australian film-making collective formed by Dario … Continue reading

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The Free Speech Zone (Redux) by Kasumi

The veneer of American democracy twitches in its final death throes as the Church of Bush Rove Cheney, Inc. relentlessly jam their flag-waving religious sloganeering and invocation of god-like superiority down the throats of an uneducated, uninsured, uninformed public. “We … Continue reading

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Body architect Lucy McRae makes her debut as a director with this kaleidoscopic dance clip for Australian synth-pop outfit Rat Vs Possum. Lucy developed a summer school concept alongside Melbourne’s RMIT University working with their architecture, fashion, media and interior … Continue reading

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FLOAT by Susi Sie

Germany, 2011, 6min. FLOAT is a short film, that tells an abstract and philosophical story centered around the history of our lives; it is about creation and decay, longings and fears, unique moments and the eternal circle of life. Canon 5D … Continue reading

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xperiment No.9 is a collaboration with Tell No One and SHOWstudio. TNO was asked to create a fashion film to counterpart Nick Knight‘s photography for AnOther magazine’s Spring/Summer 2011 issue. http://tellnoone.co.uk/ For inquiries contact info@skinflicks.tv Music: ‘Vanities’ written by Beck … Continue reading

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Last Known Surroundings by Explosions in the Sky

“Last Known Surroundings” Written & Performed by Explosions in the Sky Directed by Ptarmak Illustration: Sissy Emmons Animation: David Hobizal Addt’l Artistry: JR Crosby, Luke Miller, Zach Ferguson Ben Hansen, Christy Carroll, Annie Mayfield Addt’l 3D: Josh Johnson http://ptarmak.com/ http://www.explosionsinthesky.com/

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ELA in Love at First Byte by Fernando Sarmiento

nvasion! E.L.A. is a young girl in love back in home planet Earth. But the power of her love is too big to be limited to solely one being. An extremely bizarre love triangle unravels an invasion of epic proportions, … Continue reading

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